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Updated February 9, 2019

Joel Karn to return; Tom Walworth likely to sing with Chor Anno in 2019
Chor Anno is pleased to know that Joel Karn, Director of Choral Music at Heritage High School, Vancouver, WA, will be returning to the baritone section for 2019. Joel took a year off to attend to a wedding in his family that took place during Chor Anno's rehearsal/retreat last August.

It's not official, but we are thrilled to know that Tom Walworth, an outstanding bass as well as a virtuoso cello and string bass instrumentalist, will be singing with us this year. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Tom grew up in the Longview area, and even as a toddler he and his sister Laura, came to rehearsals of groups both of his parents, Ginger and David Walworth, sang in which were directed by Howard Meharg. Meharg says "it would be great to think this was an influence on these talented kids, but the truth is the gene pool runs deep in the amazing Walworth family, as well as the penchant for hard work." "I claim nothing but pride in saying its a pleasure to know this family."

Our 2018 Concerts were presented Saturday, September 22nd at 7:00 pm, Milwaukie Lutheran Church, Milwaukie, Oregon
and at 3:00 pm, Sunday, September 23rd, at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, East Vancouver, Washington (MORE HERE)


Nicole Lamartine - Associate Conductor
The group rose to new heights of musicianship and choral performance under the direction of Dr. Nicole Lamartine. She brought a fresh approach to choral tone and reminders of principles of singing that brought tangible results. She is truly a "conductor of electricity" and we're delighted she has consented to become Associate Conductor. Nicole has sung with us for the past few years. If awards were given for the "long-distance traveler" for rehearsals and concerts, Nicole would win each time. She is Director of Choral Activities at the University of Wyoming in Laramie and comes to Vancouver (our "center of operations") three times a year. (You may read more about Nicole HERE and on our Directors page.)

Needless to say, Chor Anno is elated to have her singing with us and taking over more and more of the conducting. We are so fortunate to have this rising "star" of the choral world...and it is part of our group!

But wait, there's more...
Nicole's collegiate choir from the University of Wyoming was invited to participate in the Tolosa Choral Contest in Tolosa, Spain. Here (left) is photo of Nicole on stage at the festival. This event was held early in November, 2017.

She is more and more in demand as a conductor of honor choirs all around the world. As of November 15-20, 2017 she conducted the Alaska All-State Mixed Choir in Anchorage. Last summer, Nicole joined Rod Eichenberger as a presenter at the Montana Summer Institute for choral directors.


Joseph To joins Chor Anno

Joseph To, Seattle, joins us for concerts in 2018. Joseph will be singing baritone in the group, sometimes tenor. He is a versatile musician with marvelous credentials. He begins his master's program at WSU this year, studying with Dr. Lori Wiest, an alto in Chor Anno. Joesph sings in Opus 7, the superb choral group from the Seattle area.Occasionally a singer finds it impossible to make his or her schedule mesh with Chor Anno's. Such is the case in 2018 with Joel Karn. As much as we'll miss Joel (and he will be back!), we're also delighted to add the voice of Joseph To.

Billy Buhl to sing with us in 2018
. As in the news immediately below, Daniel Schreiner won't be singing with us in 2018. Daniel (along with Joel Karn and others in the group) recommended immediately a colleague who lives in Vancouver, but who teaches in Longview (of all places...Mark Morris High School) where director Howard Meharg taught and where Brian Mitchell, another singer in Chor Anno taught (yes, its a small world in choral circles). Billy is also a CWU grad, and sang with Daniel Schreiner in the Chamber Choir there. Bill will be singing low bass with us. We consider ourselves very lucky to have him.

Daniel Schreiner starts master's degree program at CWU; will miss the 2018 concerts with Chor Anno

Daniel will leave his jobs as the Director of Choirs and IB Music at Foss High School in Tacoma.and as as the Music Supervisor/Music Director at ManeStage Theatre Company in Sumner to begin work on his Master's Degree at Central Washington University. His new role involves working as a teaching assistant to Dr. Gary Weidenaar at CWU. The CWU Chamber Choir has scheduled at retreat on the same weekend as our 2018 concerts. That conflict prevents Daniel from singing with us this year. He is a published composer (Santa Barbara Music Publishng) and graduated a couple of years ago from Central Washington University.

But wait...there's more Daniel Schreiner news

We are delighted that Daniel has composed a work specifically for Chor Anno which we will be performing this year. "Prayer for the World" is the working title right now. It's a powerful work that offers this prayer: “Lord, save us from ourselves. Save us from the vengeance in our hearts and the acid in our souls. Save us from our desire to hurt as we have been hurt.” Daniel's lyrics go on to say, “and so may we be merciful, patient, gracious, and trusting with those whom you love. Kyrie eleison.” We're inspired by this marvelous music and feel certain you will be, too.

*Concert venues for 2018
Our 2018 concerts will be held in Milwaukie, Oregon and in Vancouver, Washington. Here's more:

Milwaukie, OR
John Baker, a choral conductor friend of ours has invited Chor Anno to perform in his church, The Milwaukie Lutheran Church, at 3810 SE Lake Road, Milwaukie, Oregon on Saturday evening, September 22nd. Although not directly connected , a sacred music reading session, sponsored by Milwaukie Lutheran and the Oregon Chapter of ACDA, will take place earlier in the day. Participants in the reading session are invited to come back after dinner and enjoy the Chor Anno concert, which, of course, is open to the public. As with all our concerts, admission can be free or you may donate any amount you wish, though the suggested donation is $20 for adults. Less, of course, per person is suggested for seniors and children. It really is a donation and you may definitely attend for FREE if you wish. We mean that!

Vancouver, WA
The concert in Vancouver is in a venue new to Chor Anno, the magnificent Holy Redeemer Catholic Church at 17010 NE 9th St., Vancouver. Holy Redeemer is a relatively few years old and is located just a few blocks east of 162nd Ave. on NE 9th. It's built somewhat in the style or shape of many European churches, essentially a stone or concrete construction. It has has lofty spaces and the acoustics hold great promise for a choral group. We are thrilled to be allowed use of this sacred space for our concert and are eager to sing here. They have a beautiful new Steinway grand piano. While this location is a bit removed from our previous Vancouver venue at St. Luke's Episcopal near downtown, we urge those who live on the west side of the city to take the short drive. You'll find plenty of parking. A visit to Holy Redeemer is an esthetic experience in itself. We think you'll definitely love this concert!


A few of the compliments from our 2017 concerts.

"What a heavenly experience. Thanks for your hard work. I hope you never give it up!" (AL)

"Beautiful, exquisite music this afternoon in Longview! Thank you, Chor Anno." (PB)

"It was a grand concert last night in ever so many ways. I was totally surprised when the music so engaged my inner soul that I felt like tears were going to burst out when the music so affected me in the piece "We Can Mend the Sky." We are truly blessed by your gifts. (BD)

"What exquisite music making!" (PS)

"This was the best choral concert I've ever heard." (FMB)

"Wonderful...made me cry tears of joy!" (TB)

Dozens of "likes" and positive comments popped up on Facebook. We thank you all for taking the time to writex!xxx

Here's a photo of the group taken in 2016. See names and bios of each singer on THIS PAGE.



Chor Anno Board Members

Karen P. Fulmer, Federal Way, WA

Don E. Wiitala, Longview, WA

Twyla V. Brunson, Kent, WA

April Duvic, Vancouver, WA

At large
Janet Reiter, Yacolt, WA
Brian Mitchell, Kelso, WA
Reginald Unterseher, Kennewick, WA

Music Directors
Nicole Lamartine, Laramie, WY
Howard Meharg, Vancouver, WA






"Sometimes the impact of singing seeps into more intimate places in our hearts" - (Ann Long)