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We've just cleared the way for sales of Chor Anno songs or complete CD downloads on CDBaby. You may buy an entire CD album for $9.99 or buy individual tracks from the list for only 99 cents each. This is a particularly effective way to listen to music downloaded to your phone or your i-Pad. Good ear-buds or (better yet) high quality headphones (wired or Bluetooth) can offer great playback.

If you're the least bit interested, here is a list of the songs that are available. (The following link takes you to CDBaby, further info and ordering when you're ready.) CLICK HERE
These are from our CD "The Solace of the Song." (This is "really" Chor Anno...exactly as heard in live concerts. Not the sheer perfection achieved by groups in recording sessions and with editing, just sheer joy in singing!) Refreshing, to say the least.

1. Flight Song - a soothing and uplifting work by Kim Andre Arnesen, a young composer whose music is being widely sung by fine choirs all around the globe. Listening carefully, you'll find the very reason we sing!
2. Requiem - is by Craig Hella Johnson, director and founder of the famed "Conspirare" choir out of Austin, Texas. This comforting piece is basically a poetic prayer written by Eliza Gilkyson in honor of the thousands killed in the tsunami that swept the coasts of Thailand and other countries several years ago.
3. We Rise Again - opens with soloist Jonathan Vaughn and features the men of Chor Anno in a powerful statement offering hope for the future that can be found in our own children.
4. Long Time Ago - a folk song, so simple, so lovely. Primarily used as a solo song, but here sung simply in unison by the choir with violist, Stephen Meharg, and pianist Brian Hoskins.
5. Tell My Father - is a song from the musical called "The Civil War." It's a heart-wrenching and poignant song sung by a young man as he lay dying from his battle wounds. This song, found elsewhere in our available recordings, has received thousands of playviews on YouTube. Our soloist, Reginald Unterseher, sings it with such pathos it may bring tears to your eyes!
6. Gabriel's Oboe - has no lyrics. It comes from Ennio Morricone's soundtrack from "The Mission." In our opinion, one of the most beautiful melodies ever written. Stephen Meharg, viola, and Roxanne Knutson, oboe, play for us as the choir provides the accompaniment.
7. Shenandoah - has been arranged countless times by choral people. None, in our opinion, surpass the gorgeous version provided by our friend, Richard Nance, who is head of the choral program at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma. Matt Mandrones, Vancouver, handles the violin descant on this one.
8. Come Dwell in Solomon's Walls - by Z. Randall Stroope, is rousing as well as comforting. In powerful metaphor, it calls to mind the safety of being "home."
9. The Pasture - also by Z. Randall Stroope, is a setting of a Robert Frost poem. It's as if a father is inviting his young one, "I'm going out to clean the pasture spring. I'll only stop to rake the leaves away. I won't be come, too." We dedicated this one to a marvelous choral director friend, Neil Lieurance, who died a couple of years ago. Neil, who grew up near Castle Rock, Washington, said this poem reminded him of his father who said similar things to him as he grew up on the small farm east of the town. Neil said he always read into the "you come, too," as meaning "I love you."
10. Who Is This? - arranged by John Ferguson, is a setting incorporating "O Sacred Head Now Wounded," and "Of the Father's Love Begotten." It features violist, Stephen Meharg and sensitive singing by Chor Anno.
11. Unclouded Day - Arr. by Shawn Kirchner, is followed immediately by "I Sing Because I'm Happy" by Rollo Dilworth. These were ending songs from our 2016 concerts. You'll hear the enthusiastic audience response to both. "Unclouded" is an early American hymn from the south and "I Sing..." is lifted from the gospel song "His Eye Is On the Sparrow."
12. Choral Reflections on Amazing Grace - ends our album "The Solace of the Song" with an absolutely gorgeous setting of "Amazing Grace" that incorporates a beautiful version of "Kyrie Eleison" (Lord, have mercy) right on top of the "Grace" melody. It rises to a powerful moment when the choir sings "when we've been there ten-thousand years" that is almost breathtaking in majesty. This setting uses violinist Matt Mandrones, violist Stephen Meharg, along with soloists Alison Askeland and Nicole Lamartine. Our fabulous pianist, Brian Hoskins, completes the ensemble. Oh, and listen carefully at the end. You may hear bagpipes fading into the distance!

And our second album, Chor Anno in Concert, has the following choral works:
(You may reach the site for further information and ordering at this link) --- CLICK HERE

1. Gitanjali Chants (Song Offerings) - music by Craig Hella Johnson and lyrics by Rabindranath Tagore, the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize for Literature (in 1913). 
2. Ballade to the Moon -  by Daniel Elder, recalls the form of the fourteenth-century ballades of France. "Come dream with me, O share thy light, and come sing with me." Only the moon is there to witness as the narrator weeps with joy at the dusky beauty of his or her surroundings.
3. Mo Ghile Mear - with soloist Joe Strandjord, was written by the 18th-century poet, Sean Clarach MacDomhnail.  An allegorical song in which the poet laments the departure and longs for the return of Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie).
4. Brightest and Best -  arranged by one of our favorite composer/arrangers, Shawn Kirchner, is an early American song of shape note origins. It's based on a Christmas text, but somehow captures our hearts any time of year.
5. O Salutaris Hostia  - by Eriks Esenvalds is an ancient text. In this setting it's primarily a duet with two wonderful sopranos, Catherine van der Salm and Nicole Lamartine. The translation from the Latin text as follows: O, Saving Victim, Who expandest the door of heaven, Hostile armies press, Give strength; bear aid. To the One and Triune Lord, May there be everlasting glory; may he who gives life without end to us give in our homeland. Amen.
6. Amor de mi alma -  is by Z. Randall Stroope, a wonderful contemporary composer who teaches in Oklahoma. This is a setting of the passion-filled poem by Garcilaso de la Vega, 1503) who begins by saying "I was born only to love you."
7. I Dreamed of Rain - Jan Garrett's lovely song capturing the comfort of a gentle rain.
8. Psalm of Life -  another work by Craig Hella Johnson, has lyrics written by Mattie Stepanek, a ten-year-old young man who died shortly after writing the poem. Craig says that this "should be sung quietly and expressively, never hurried, as if walking on hallowed ground while singing."
9. Will the Circle Be Unbroken -  is an early American hymn set here by Donald Moore. It features Rhonda Slinkard, alto, and a trio of Rhonda, Alison Askeland, and Lori Wiest.
10. I'm On My Way - is another great piece by Shawn Kirchner. It's a rousing early American gospel styled piece featuring exciting solo work by Erik Edmundson and Matt Pierce!

Wishing you the very best. Do come and hear us LIVE in September, 2019.
Howard Meharg, Founder, Chor Anno


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"The Solace of the Song"

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In addition, the following may be downloaded
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The following may be downloaded for $0.99 each HERE

Saints Bound for Heaven, Arr. Mack Wilberg
Benedizione, (Women's voices) Joan Szymko
A City Called Heaven (Men's voices) Arr. Poelinitz
My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord, Arr. Moses Hogan
Tyger, Tyger, Reginald Unterseher
Tu Es Petrus, Robert Pearsall

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All recordings on this page are from live performance videos (free)

Unclouded Day (Arr. Shawn Kirchner) and I Sing Because I'm Happy (Arr. by Rollo Dilworth)
Tell My Father (men of Chor Anno) with soloist Reg Unterseher and
violist Stephen Meharg (from the musical "The Civil War," arr. Andrea Ramsey
Come Dwell in Solomon's Walls (full choir) Randall Stroope
Shenandoah, arr. Richard Nance
Ubi caritas, Paul Mealor (performance for NW ACDA conference, 2014
Guest conductor, Dr. Bruce Browne)

Audio only (free)
The Banks of Doon, Donna Schultz
Wanting Memories (conducted by Brian Mitchell)
Long Road, Eriks Esenvalds
Peace Flows Into Me - Jake Runestad
Sing, for the World Needs a Song - Meharg
A New Psalm for the Creator - Meharg
There was a time - Donna Gartman Schultz
Long Time Ago - Aaron Copland

"Sometimes the impact of singing seeps into more intimate places in our hearts" - (Ann Long)